Cooking for a date can present you with big dilemmas: you want the food to be impressive, or charming, but you don’t want to be too preoccupied with the details, as it’s your date you really want to get to know. Here are six of the best suggestions. 
Cooking for a date can be challenging, especially if it’s someone you don’t know well, but want to get to know better. It’s treacherous territory. You need to demonstrate just the right levels of good judgement and sensitivity in your food choices, and you don’t want any culinary disasters to put a damper on the date. But the right choices can be the way to a date’s heart.

1. Beef bourguignon

You’d better check first whether your date is a veggie or a vegan. If so, this option is very definitely off the menu or they’ll be out the door in no time. Nevertheless, once you’ve established that your date is a red-blooded carnivore, this is a great choice for a meal to cook on a date.

Apart from being a delicious, rich, and elegant dish, it can be prepared well in advance and served with some simple potatoes and steamed veg, so there’s no last minute flapping around. Best served with candlelight.
2. Caesar salad

It’s unlikely that you’d be cooking for a first date, but you never know.  If you were, this would be a great first date option: light, crisp, interesting and without too many assumptions or pretentions – perfect for a lunchtime date. Don’t forget to use the original recipe – without the anchovies, as they are not to everyone’s taste.  

3. Pizza

Definitely not shop-bought or takeaway. A pizza fit for a date should be homemade and fresh. Make the dough and some side dishes in advance (maybe go easy on the garlic bread). And choose your toppings together – you could learn a lot about each other that way. 
4. Pasta

It’s funny how Italian food can be perfect for any occasion. Everyday pasta al something-or-other can be scrubbed up and dressed up for a romantic date. It’s all in the sauce. Choose something creamy and smooth that lingers on the palate, and a wine to go with it. And you’ll be sharing a sunset together in no time. 

5. Marshmallows

Sometimes it’s more about location than food. What could be easier than marshmallows toasted by the fire for a date to remember? The question is: are we talking log cabin or campfire? And how hot could it get?
6. Strawberries and cream

One for real fresh, seasonal romantics. For an alternative date idea, try picking your own – together.

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