2013 is quickly passing us by, but don’t disregard your new year’s resolutions. Here are some simple ways that you can make the most of your life, and live a healthy and happy 2013.

1 - Exercise

Let’s face it, everyone is always setting themselves the goal of exercising more, and never getting round to it. But even simple things like going for a half an hour run, or going for a swim are effective ways of boosting your confidence, and staying in great shape. Running is good for the mind and it is proven that people who exercise regularly tend to be more happy.

2 - Eating healthy

Eating healthy can be hard, with the temptation of junk food forever omniscient. However, eating healthy will make you feel great both physically and mentally, and it really doesn’t have to be that hard to do. Cut out snacks such as crisps and sweets and you will notice the weight flying off, bringing with it a new found confidence. There are many options of healthy food recipes, which don't have to be expensive.

3 - Setting yourself realistic goals

Nothing feels better than achieving an ambition you have set yourself. These can be anything, from the most simple and mundane such as getting yourself organized, to finding a new job. It will give you a great sense of achievement and happiness if you set yourself goals, and accomplish them.

4 - Discover a new hobby

Sometimes we all feel as if life can be a bit dull, so pursue a hobby which you enjoy, or immerse yourself in something you have always wanted to do. Not only will you learn something new, you will make new friends and gain a welcome sense of achievement. These can be anything from sports, to singing lessons, to cooking classes!

5 - Learn a language

If you cannot speak a foreign language, why not start? Speaking another language is both valuable and interesting. It allows you to meet new people and experience countries you visit in a way previously impossible due to your lack of language knowledge.

6 - Volunteer

Volunteering is a great experience. It allows you to help other people, and gain a positive feeling for doing so. It is something you will feel proud of, and gives you the opportunity to make new friends. It could be something as simple as volunteering for a few hours at a homeless shelter, or maybe even travelling abroad.

1.    Gym
Going to the gym is one of the easiest and quickest ways to lose weight, if you got for half an hour each day you’ll begin to see the difference.

2.    Jogging
After work or college, why not go for a jog with your friend or listen to music, it’s an easy way exercise and can also help to relieve stress and take your mind off of things.

3.    Walking/cycling to work
Try walking or cycling to work, it can help to save money as well as getting in some simple and easy exercise.

5.    Slim fast diets
There are many weight loss programmes and ways to help you lose weight, slim fast is one of them. They have a wide variety of products that are low calorie and fat products free, the idea of them is to replace snacking on food such as chocolate and crisps.

4.    Eating healthy
Eating healthy is a big factor when it comes to weight loss, if you’re a big junk food lover, why not try and cut out the fatty crisps and chocolate and replace it with some fruit or low caloriesnack. If you often have takeaways or readymade meals, try having something home cooked and healthy instead.

6.    Clubs - Weight Watchers
Weight watchers have clubs all over England that helppeople with losing weight, they offer a support group which encourages you to reach your targets. They also have a wide variety of low fat/calorie products like Slim fast.