From new family members to new jobs, here are six of the best things you can hear on the phone. Make sure you’re connected so you don’t miss the calls!

1. You have just become an uncle/aunt/grandparent

A new addition to the family is always an exciting occasion. Whether you are waiting to hear if you are a first-time grandparent or if you are finding out whether you have a new nephew or niece, hearing a family member tell you that they made it through labour is always good news!

2. You’re going to be a parent

One of the most amazing and life-changing things you can hear over the phone is the news that you are going to be a parent. The moment when your loved one calls you up to tell you that you will be a father is one that you will cherish forever.
3. You’ve got the all-clear

If you have been battling a long-term illness or you are waiting to get your test results from your doctor, getting a phone call giving you the all-clear can be the best feeling in the world.

4. You got the job

Getting a job is always a great feeling, but it is particularly satisfying when it is one that you really want and that you have truly worked hard for. Sitting by the phone waiting for a call back is a nerve-wracking process, but it is all worthwhile when you hear the wonderful news that the position is yours.

5. I love you

Finding out the depth of someone’s feelings for you is bound to be a magical moment. When someone tells you they love you over the phone for the first time you will feel truly special.
6. I’m coming home

One of the most emotional things to hear over the phone is the news that someone you love is coming home after a long time spent abroad. Whether he/she is returning from the army or just from an extended trip abroad, the news of the return is bound to be exciting. Luckily, thanks to VoIP technology, calling overseas is easy.

Companies such as Vonage can set you up with cheap international rates so you can keep in touch while you wait for your loved one is away.
A lot of important information is spread via phone calls and you don’t want to miss out on hearing something special, so make sure that you’re set up and ready to receive great news over the phone.

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